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Dieting doesn't work—eating right does!
Who was Edgar Cayce?

The natural health and weight-
loss recommendations

outlined in this book are based
on the work of Edgar Cayce.
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The Edgar Cayce diet eliminates the
predominant cause of overweight—
an excess of processed and starchy
foods in the diet.

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Author Simone Gabbay
Simone Gabbay, RNCP, is a
holistic nutritionist in Toronto,
who has studied and worked
with the Cayce readings for
more than 30 years.
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Book Trailer

Watch this fun,
3-minute flash video
introducing the book.

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Most weight-loss diets are unsuccessful in the long term because they effectively starve an already malnourished body. What's needed is an emphasis on quality, not just quantity, of food...
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The recommendation to "keep the body alkaline" is a recurrent theme in the Edgar Cayce readings, and it is suggested that one of the ways we can achieve this is by centering the diet around alkaline-forming vegetables and fruits. Read more > > >

The Cayce readings inform us on how we can meet the nutritional needs of the physical body in the most efficient and effective way. Combining the information from the readings with current nutritional research... Read more > > >



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